With a broad range of professional experience in different types of companies and continuous daily interaction with her own team of employees, Uschi has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of real-life leadership issues. Combined with the educational background of postgraduate certificates in psychological and neuroleadership directions, she brings a well-rounded approach to any coaching or development intervention.


 5 years of experience (and ongoing) as a business owner and leader with 60 employees: practicing in reality. 

 3 years as Global Head of Leadership Development of a company with 25000 employees: collaborating and leading across many different boundaries in a highly matrixed organisation. 

 3 years as Head of Learning and Development Switzerland for the same company: building a department and its services from scratch. 

 5 years of experience as the Pedagogical Manager in charge of Business Development for a global network of 340 language centers: developing client centricity in a loose organisation.