Our uniqueness is in our ability to design and deliver experimental type training interventions. Whether they run for half a day, a full day or a full week, the keys to success are the ability to create an impact in the moment and to link the outcomes to an ongoing process. Our favourite question to ask at the end of each intervention that we run is: "So, what now?"

The areas of training focus we provide is a long list. The difference we bring is in how we deliver on the areas of focus. Our trainers are skilled not only in the specific functional area of expertise but also on experiential techniques including our Actor-based Corporate Training (ACT) methodologies.

Here is the long list:

 Communication Styles and Preferences

 Managing Performance Discussions

 Conducting Difficult Conversations

 Developing Leaders as Coaches

 Effective Feedback Strategies

 Impactful Recruiting Experiences

 Conflict Management Styles and Resolutions

 Assertiveness Training

 Effective Presentations

 Presenter Presence and Audience Impact

 Media Training

 Unconscious Bias - From Awareness to Mitigation

 Improvisation Workshops