Tony Awcock is an independent consultant and trainer on leadership and organization development, and an executive coach. He has an unyielding passion and integrity to help people and organisations learn, grow and change.

Tony is an accomplished international HR executive with over 30 years experience in leadership and organisation development working principally in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology and healthcare, financial services and building materials industry sectors.

Tony is British but lives with his family in the Alsace region of France close to Basel, Switzerland. He was educated in the UK and holds an MBA (Bradford University) and MSc in Organisation Consulting (Ashridge Business School).

As an assessor/coach he uses discovery, inquiry and appreciation with his coachee to help them identify practical solutions and outcomes relating to their performance and development at work. He asks questions that are unconditionally positive and looks for stories that help describe a persons’ positive core. Tony links the energy and stories of this positive core with their vision. He is currently enhancing his skills as an executive coach to become certified in the field of neuroscience as it applies to leadership. His personal character and active listening style builds trust and confidence in the coachee. His international business experience helps to relate to some of the typical challenges leaders and managers face in organisations.