Sylvia Day.jpg

Sylvia Day is an international coach, trainer, speaker and comedian. She
specializes in improvisation and energy leadership coaching and has been
coaching, directing and performing improv for over 10 years through her own
company Sylvia Day Coaching as well as with Hercules.

She has a BA degree in Communications and Theater and brings with her over 20
years of corporate communications experience on three continents.

Sylvia trained with some of the world’s top improv schools including Second City
in Chicago, Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and Showstoppers in London.
Once called “shy” by her teachers and family, she eventually faced her fears by
not only learning how to improvise but mastering it – culminating with
improvising an entire talk on the TEDx stage.

She coaches her clients using the principles of improv and energy leadership as
well as through her own inspiring examples of personal and professional

She holds an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from International Coach
Federation and is also a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) and ELI-MP (Energy
Leadership Index Master Practitioner) from the Institute of Professional
Excellence in Coaching.*
*As of 2018.