Nia thrives on challenge, intellectual discourse and creative thinking combined with pragmatism. She believes in the intrinsic influence that leaders have on those around them, and that channeling this influence towards positive outcomes has a profound impact on business results. Furthermore, she believes that we all have the potential to change and develop, no matter our background or experience, in fact it is by drawing on what we already know that we find the key to our success. In accompanying executives on their development journey Nia draws on her professional experience, which spans the public and private sectors, and adopts a variety of methods which lead to sustainable transformation, not short-term tactical changes. She firmly believes that sustainable growth is achieved through embracing the whole person, both the personal and the professional. This is also the key to successfully managing change, transitions, ambiguities and challenges.

- Trained CCPC Executive Coach

- CCPC and ACC certified

- Director and designer of global leadership programmes. Facilitator and designer of development and strategy workshops

- International expert, frequent keynote speaker and Huffington Post blogger on cultural change, diversity & inclusion and leadership

- Visiting lecturer at IMD and St Gallen and Member of Harvard’s Women Leadership Board and of IMD Leadership Strategies Advisory Board.