Through his own experience in highly complex, fast paced, commercial environments, Matt has seen countless examples of the saying: “everything is about communication and we cannot not communicate” The assessment and coaching perspective that he brings to an Executive is a challenging mirror of the impact they are making - we are what we say, and our communication is as good as that which the receiver understands. Matt puts himself into the role of the receiver and plays back how messages are received and the impact, both positive and negative, they can create. 

Awareness of the unintended consequences of our messages and actions is key to ensuring business success. Understanding the difference between intention and impact minimizes biases, misunderstandings and preconceptions.

Our behavior is a reflection of what is happening inside of us.  With increasing awareness of ourselves we become more mindful with our self and others and thereby contribute to a more pleasant environment where everyone feels respected and heard.

 Since 2013, Co-Founder and Partner of Human Capital consultancy and coaching firm – Hercules Coaching GmbH

 Since 2008 Interactive Coach and Accredited Partner of ACT Actor-based Corporate Training

 Assessor and facilitator of a multi-year talent Development Center for a global Financial Services company

 Interactive Coach for Senior Leader Programmes of an International Insurance Company

 Executive coach in professional services

 Facilitator of a variety of interpersonal skill building workshops