Lisa brings an insatiable curiosity for learning. The hidden potential in people fascinates her; she has spent her entire career learning about people’s potential and how to bring people from where they are to where they want to be. Her passion is to support people and companies in achieving their greatness.

She strongly believes every person has greatness inside. She works tirelessly to help people make their lives more interesting, more meaningful, more fulfilling and more FUN! She strives to remove roadblocks – both physical and emotional - that hold them back from achieving the greatness they were born to realize. Lisa calls this part of her job helping people to fulfill their hero’s journey.

And the future of work demands this approach. Companies cannot succeed – or survive -- when 70% of their workers are disengaged.

Companies can succeed – and thrive – by focusing on supporting, motivating, and developing their employees. Companies who create a culture of innovation, and who provide a safe space to fail and who lead with purpose and grit and resilience and humility, will flourish in the future.

Based in Zurich, Lisa is a native New Yorker who is conversationally fluent in German.

Corporate Background & Experience:

- Company Administrator for AIG

- Founder of Christen Coaching & Consulting

- Acting Director of Strategic Initiatives for Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Global

- Marketing Communications Manager for Sony Electronics

- Direct Marketing Program Manager for Sony Electronics

- Compensation Program Manager for Sony Electronics

- Compensation Project Manager with the US Department of Defense

- Business coach to international entrepreneurial start-ups in tech, fashion, and health services.

- Small-group trainings for entrepreneurs, creatives.

- Design and delivery of performance management training for Fortune 100 retailer.