Our innovative new approach makes your leadership conference more impactful and successful. How? We make it more than a conference training. We create a conference experience.

We design our conference experiences with every small detail planned to get your teams thinking, engaging, and acting. Participants leave our experiences with a deeper understanding of the issue their company is facing and a host of solutions they've designed. Our personalized approach engages your team members before, during and after the event to ensure continued success and a stronger commitment to bringing their new knowledge back to work.


Want to know more about what a conference experience looks like? Here’s one example:

BEFORE THE SESSION. We work carefully with your team to understand the company culture and the complex issues your team is currently facing. We provide senior management relevant research and statistics to support the business case they are presenting. We also check in with conference participants via surveys and interviews to get their thoughts on the issues heard and included in the experience.

THE MORNING OF THE SESSION. As the coffee comes out, we’re working with participants to get them introduced and immersed in the topic. Participants are filmed by a camera crew answering interview questions and participating in “challenges” to highlight their current knowledge on the topic. This begins the dialogue in an informal way and sets the stage for what’s to come.

THE LARGE GROUP SESSION – PART I. We connect participants with the business reasons and importance of the day with leadership and business initiatives. Participants aren’t talked at, but encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences candidly. Through partner and group discussions, all voices are given a chance to be engaged and heard. A friendly knowledge competition quiz allows participants to test their knowledge and see opportunities for learning. Using several different formats, including speeches, panels, videos, and discussions ensures participants are never bored.

THE SMALL GROUP SESSION. Armed with information, the participants are arranged in diverse small group teams to dive deeper into the issues. Participants are guided through deep-thinking questions and then contribute to group discussions, debates, ideations, and flipchart presentations. Their goal is to do new thinking, to identify the deeper roots of the issues, and to find new and to create solutions that can work for their teams.

THE LARGE GROUP SESSION – PART II. The learning experience continues as participants share the Small Group Session takeaways with the lager team. Through presentations and a question-and-answer session, participants are continuing to build awareness, understanding, and potential for the future. As an intriguing surprise ending, participants watch a video compilation of team member answers from the morning coffee break’s interviews to see how far we’ve come on our journey. In the end, several large commitment boards are brought into the room so participants can sign their names to which issues they will champion after the conference.

AFTER THE SESSION. We provide the materials for participants to enact the solutions they created during their conference experience. We provide continued accountability and support as your teams make change happen.

Who can benefit from an engaging conference experience?

  • Global Leadership Teams

  • Regional Management Teams

  • Sales Teams

  • Functional Groups

  • Company-wide focus groups