Stephanie has a background in Sales and Marketing.  She previously worked on product design and development, mostly in the food industry where she was a Category manager for Confectionery and Food Gifts, working with many of the leading Supermarkets.  In this role she was able to use her creative flair to source interesting products, find out about the latest trends in the industry and come up with innovative new packaging ideas.

Alongside this she has always been extremely interested in people and how they tick.  As a child she was fortunate enough to travel the globe as an Expat, meeting new cultures first hand, which has proven to be hugely beneficial in life.  Her other main interest is that of the Performing Arts, theatre, film, dance, and she is never happier than in a rehearsal space.

At Hercules, Stephanie can put this interest in people to good use, and this combined with her love of the theatre, makes the work of script writing scenarios, casting actors, and putting together workshops and directing videos very exciting.  On the Business Development side too, her ability to listen to and understand a customer’s needs makes for some strong and lasting relationships.

Stephanie is excited to continue her business relationship with Michelle Holmes and Matt Albin, with whom she has worked closely for a number of years.